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Motoring News Rally Championship scores now added - Scroll down. My record of the relevant Years of competing on the Motoring News Championships - from to The winners results were compiled from their own individual cumalative scores for each Year, therefore some Drivers and Navigators were not necessarily paired up as a Rally crew. From the Gold Star Championship was contested exclusively on stage rallies whilst the Silver Star Championship continued for road rally competitors. as the final champions of the very competitive Silver Star and Motoring News National Road Rally championship; the demise of which is still much lamented. when the BTRDA was the first. Motoring News Road Rally Championship. K likes. send info to [email protected] please Followers: K.

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Bolton Midnight Rally, round 8 Motoring News Road Rally Championship Sept 27th Motoring News Road Rally Championship. 19 April at · Dougie Hall / Gareth Williams winning the Bolton Midnight MN Rally. See all. unacabeza.xyzers: K. Motoring News Road Rally Championship. K likes. send info to [email protected] please Followers: K. Page 31, December Rally Review: "Motoring News" Rally Championship On the fourth of December what has probably been the closest fought rally championship ever to be held in Britain comes to an end when its last qualifying event takes place in Wales. Motoring News Road Rally Championship Illuminations Rally. 10th round started on Morecambe promenade and used more of the northern lakes roads that hadn’t been rallied for a while but still managed to fit in Hardknott, Greystokes, Jackson Ground and the ‘central reservation’ of the newly built M6 (the yellow that runs down the middle!). AGBO Rally, round 9 Motoring News Road Rally Championship Oct 2nd Motoring News Road Rally Championship. 19 April at George Hill / Keith Wood winning the AGBO MN rally.Motoring News Road Rally Championship. K likes. send info to motoringnews please. There was a British Rally Championship at the time, but there was very little Indeed, it was generally the cars that won the Motoring News Rally Championship but the one remaining national series of road rallies (that phrase came into. a new and stronger identity to the BRC which at the time was being a little eclipsed by the popularity of the concurrent Motoring News road rally championship. The story of winning at the highest level of British road rallying - seen through the eyes of Motoring News Championship triple champion rally driver Mick Briant. Based predominantly around road rallies, this Championship saw the Memory Lanes includes an account of each of 57 Motoring News rallies from these. -

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Following on from the announcement that North Humb In a brand-new move for the season, the pa As the Championship enters its sixth season, it ha Donington Rally Frank Bird dominated the D Barry Morris took one almighty step towards the MN In light of the recent acquisition of Motorsport N It was almost as if Ian Woodhouse had never been a After a thrilling Neil Howard Stages, the Motorspo Steve Simpson earned his third Neil Howard Stages

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